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  • I rented a space here in November and have had a wonderful experience so far. The place was clean and looked new much nicer than the old run down places you see. The move in process was quick and easy and more affordable than other facilities we priced before we picked this one and the manager Lauren is friendly helpful and always has a smile on her face. They had a good special running and even a discount on your rent if you refer someone and they sale boxes moving supplies and locks Highly recommend.
    Susie Lawhorne - Outbox Southend Customer (Google Review)
  • Dennis did a phenomenal job signing me up for my storage unit. The process was quick, smooth, & super easy! He is very knowledgeable! Go check him out! Thanks for all your help Dennis!
    Marsha Smith - Outbox Southend Customer (Google Review)
  • A friend of mine recently rented a unit. I saw it for the first time. Clean and pristine, and dry. Over the years, we have always used Public Storage. This place is SO MUCH better. I am encouraging him to get a second unit, and get rid of his Public Storage. This area of Charlotte is be revamped and revitalized, and it has become a prime location. Great storage place!
    Amy Ivsan - Outbox Southend Customer (Google Review)
  • Came in to rent a Uhaul, Dennis made the whole process so easy & simple. Thanks for your kindness! Highly recommend!
    Sam Persan - Outbox Southend Customer (Google Review)
  • Very clean, very professional, and most of all they have the best customer service. I enjoy the conversations. They talk made me feel I at home.I would really refer this company to anyone. It's easy & Convenient to access also very secured.
    Rayshawn Robinson - Outbox Southend Customer (Google Review)
  • I hate change BUT when your company took over and Dennis took charge of Clanton Rd. change was a very good thing the place is clean ,well organized, safe and the bathrooms smell 100 percent better and his customer service is GREAT.... "anybody who can deal with my cranky self and I come out smiling is number one in the customer service business"
    Louise Eaton - Outbox Southend Customer (Google Review)