6 Ways to Keep Your Sanity During A Home Reno

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August 16, 2016
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Need some inspiration on how to plan for your upcoming renovation? Here are six tips to help you keep your sanity and make the process as smooth as possible!

1) Get Organized

As you are gearing up to begin the process of a home renovation, you have to organize your thoughts very clearly for your contractor and for your own timeline. Pick out paint colors, custom finishes, and make your big decisions before the project ever starts rolling. You can get creative and create a color coded outline week-by-week of the projects that you've laid out for your timeline. Create files for every receipt and even organize your design ideas both on Pinterest or bookmarks and physical files for magazine ideas.

2) Create your Budget, And Then Add Some

There are ALWAYS unknowns when it comes to home renos. Unexpected things lurking behind the walls. It's good to budget 10-20% EXTRA just for contingencies so you aren't stuck with a bill. Stick to your budget that you wrote at the beginning of the project. Plan ahead, know exactly how much you're going to spend, and spend that.

3) Store Furniture And Other Items In Self Storage

One of the most frustrating things is moving things out of one room, to only put them in another room, and still try and live in the space. Rent a climate controlled unit at Outbox during your renovation to give the contractor the space he needs to do the renovations, and to keep your valuables dust, paint and debris free!

4) Use Plastic to Keep Dust Out Of Rooms

Tape plastic sheets in openings between rooms to keep dust contained. This works great if you are working room by room and are living in the home while it's being renovated. Dust can be a frustrating part of renovating a home, and the more you can contain the mess, the better the experience.

5) Create a Make-Shift Kitchen/Wash Space

Designate a half bath on the main floor as the temporary kitchen. Don't be tempted to use it as a bathroom, as this is now your kitchen! Set it up with the microwave and even a mini fridge if you have room. Use any shelves or extra storage for cups and plates. You might even want to go ahead and bring in your beloved coffee maker to make the day start off on the right foot.

6) Do Your Homework When Picking a Contractor

You NEVER want to get in a situation where you have a bad contractor or subs. Don't ever just call someone from an ad or a sign on the side of a road. Do your homework, get references and check into those references. Go by the job sites that the contractor has done in the past. Make sure you hire one that is a good communicator and will give you daily updates on what's happening that day and week. Having a good contractor will make ALL the difference on your renovation experience, so don't skip doing your homework.

Do you have any tips that you'd like to add to this list?

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